Having a whiter brighter smile has never been easier! Dr. Boutsias offers excellent whitening options with immediate results. In less than an hour your teeth can be noticeably whitened using an in-office blue light device and a high concentration of whitening gel.

A more effective approach is to do the treatment at home using a very low concentration of bleaching agent in special clear trays made to the exact shape of your teeth. A small amount of the gel, hydrogen peroxide and carbemide, is placed in the trays and inserted into your mouth. Usually the best time to wear the trays are during the evening, although you may choose your own suitable schedule.

Sometimes a combined treatment of home and in house treatment is recommended.

Teeth become whiter because hydrogen peroxide has the ability to open the enamel pores. Once these pores are opened, teeth may become more sensitive to cold but this is only temporary as they will be sealed after this treatment when the teeth are polished with a desensitising paste.

This procedure does not weaken teeth as some people have been led to believe.

teeth whitening beforeteeth whitening after

* Photographs of patient who had his teeth whitened by Dr. Boutsias.