In order to maintain healthy teeth, it is vital to remove plaque and calculus  on a regular basis.

During your visit, Dr. Boutsias will perform an oral examination, check your teeth for decay, review oral hygiene instructions and monitor your gum condition. Fluoride treatment is provided only if necessary or at the patients own request. Correct oral hygiene will be discussed, including toothbrush, dental floss, inter-proximal brushes or any other aid that may be indicated.

Digital X-Rays, both intra oral as well as panoramic of your teeth will be taken in order to help provide an accurate diagnosis of your dental needs.

Regular teeth cleaning at the dental surgery is recommended to remove calculus that may have developed even with careful brushing and flossing, especially in areas that are difficult for a patient to reach. Professional cleaning includes tooth scaling and polishing. This involves the use of ultrasonic and/or various hand instruments to loosen and remove deposits. A mild sandblaster may be indicated to sometimes remove coffee and other  staining from teeth.

Regular dental appointments are advised, but the frequency will depend on individual needs.

Often overlooked is the impact of dental health on ones general health. Our mouths are a source of bacteria and disease that could be transferred to susceptible areas, such as the heart.