ANTIBIOTICS must be taken as prescribed, until the course is completed.

PAIN TABLETS should be taken when needed in order to minimise your discomfort. A good idea is to take a pain killer before sleeping following the procedure in order to have a good nights rest.

WARM SALT WATER MOUTH RINSES are essential 3-4 times daily, commencing the day after the extraction and continuing for 5-7 days. Use 1 level teaspoon of salt in half a glass of warm water.

If bleeding starts, you can place a damp black tea bag e.g. Lipton, directly over the extraction site for 10 minutes with constant pressure by biting (on the teabag).

No eating on day of the extraction except for soup (chicken broth), plain yoghurt, milk, honey, lukewarm tea/coffee or ice-cream.

No brushing of teeth on the day of the procedure. The next day use a softened tooth brush by holding the bristles under hot water.

If you have any further problems, please do not hesitate to contact me.